Some Thoughts and Channeled Insights

With the current pandemic, humanity is facing a major challenge and tremendous loss. At the same time, we are going through a period of great spiritual expansion and transition.

           Whenever we face challenges, we have the choice to help ourselves and others by focusing on the love as much as we can.  This orientation allows us to better navigate troubled times with compassion and consciousness. 

            I have been consistently receiving channeled messages from guides and loved ones, that an opportunity for unprecedented growth is available to us during this time. This is because the vibrational separation between those in body and those who have passed back to the spiritual plane is narrowing. If we choose to, and set our intention, we are able to establish stronger communications with those who have passed.  

            People who have returned to the spiritual plane and who are out of body are just as viable as we are. They are now vibrating at a higher frequency. They are able to hear everything we put out to them. How do we go about increasing our ability to receive their messages? By raising our own frequency and aligning it more closely to theirs. Does this jeopardize the safety and health of our existence in our physical bodies? Not at all.

            Love, laughter, compassion, nature, and the arts are all high vibration, naturally lifting us up and strengthening our immune system as we reside on the physical plane.

            Why are the vibrational levels between the spiritual and physical planes closer at this time?

With the current situation, fear may lead us to prayer and asking the spirit world for help. Those in spirit are there to help us, and their desire and ability to do so intensifies with our need. And this is happening all over the world.

A lot of people are evaluating their priorities, even if they are not consciously aware of doing so.  Though we are all in this together, what we are experiencing may be quite diverse.

Gratitude grows as those who are able to sequester try to stay out of harm’s way. Some people may feel better establishing and maintaining a schedule, while others are obligated to maintain a vigorous one. Some of us may be listening to our own internal timing for the first time.

Meanwhile, many people at the front line are given an opportunity to serve in ways that they could not previously fathom. People are faced with making overwhelming and sometimes frightening decisions. The personal sacrifices are daunting. Yet there is gratitude for each life saved, for each hand held, for each meal served.

For those with health challenges, intimate moments and often the transition itself to the spiritual world are shared with strangers whose kindness reminds us that we all share a common bond.

Empathy and gratitude connect us to each other and to spiritual consciousness.

Our economy is in jeopardy and of course many of us are feeling the resulting insecurity. In our precariousness, it helps to remember that the economy is a structure ideally set up to help serve all of us. We are wise to value our safety, as much as we can, while the economy adapts to our changing needs.

            We all have intensified needs right now.           

So many prayers,

            From all over the world,

            That a face has to turn upward.

            So much fear,

            No longer just to question,

            Now to beg.

            Those prayers rise up,

            They raise us up.

            Those who release their bodies,

            They’re not leaving alone.

            No one ever does.

            They are joined with others,           

            Their earthly jobs complete.

            Loved ones are there to greet them.

            They love to hold us close,

            Drawing Heaven nearer,

            To heal their own hearts,
             And ours.

In the same way that those who pass are motivated to heal themselves in an effort to help those they left behind, we can consciously collaborate with them, in healing and in love for all.  


“I think, therefore I am,” is a reflection by French philosopher Rene Descartes which put the brain’s function before that of the soul for all of western society.

However, we know that the mind is here to serve the soul’s quest for expansion.

When balanced with the heart and gut instinct, the mind is an important member of the team, guiding the soul through a lifetime of learning experiences.

Our society has put the mind on a pedestal and allows, even encourages it to run the show. We need the mind to know that it is here to serve us, not to take over.

When our thoughts are working for us and are in balance with our heart and gut instinct, we can merrily meet the challenges that the soul chooses to learn from.

So many of us grew up with our hearts hurting, though not usually because someone consciously wanted to hurt us.

Depressed or dysfunctional households do not offer us the tools we need to learn how to use our mind, our heart and our gut instincts to balance ourselves.

Many of us find justification and purpose in allowing the mind to take over in an attempt to make sense of the pain.  The brain wants to be our friend. It wants to find a way to help us survive.

When this happens, the heart and instinct are pushed to the side and not allowed to contribute to healing. The habit of the brain riding roughshod over the heart and gut is an outcome of our conditioning.

The brain can be repetitive, getting louder and louder to get its point across. We can become so out of balance that all we can hear is the brain crying out to make the negativity stop.

We all come from Divine Consciousness. Imagine the mind  being so removed from that truth, so separated from the heart’s compassion and the gut instinct’s sense of preservation, that it tells us bad things about ourselves and takes away self-love and self-esteem.


Observe negative thoughts for what they are, the brain trying to maintain its old habit of control. If you examine your thoughts with the mind that created them, they gain dominance and make you unhappy. This is because you are using the mind to observe the mind.

If you observe your thoughts with your heart, with the compassion you show others, you become aware of these thoughts that are depleting you. Consciously you can choose to let them go without judgment, without blaming yourself for having negative thoughts to begin with.

If you observe your thoughts with your gut instinct, you find that you resonate with the thoughts that guide you in a healthy way. You have the awareness to let go of old thoughts that are draining your energy and not serving any constructive purpose.

You can then heal by allowing your heart and gut instinct to embrace the mind. Be thankful for its ingenuity, while firmly and with loving compassion, choosing only the thoughts that resonate with your soul.

In this way, over time and with conscious practice, your mind will be restored as the helpmate to your heart and gut instinct. This integration restores the balance and clarity of the soul.