Spiritual Medium - Channeling & Healing

Spiritual communication provides the ability and strength to those grieving or coping with a loss, to go forward with their lives with a new perspective.  Sessions are conducted with people from all walks of life, individually, and in small family groups. Marilyn has also shared her gift with larger groups speaking to high school classes and in seminars.

Sessions often begin with specific channeled information from loved ones providing corroboration and a reference point. A true dialogue follows during which many questions are answered. Although the goal is not to provide psychic insight to your future, the spiritual entities will often give guidance and health advice. They relate messages for others and provide solutions to problems with a perspective that is broad and knowledgeable.

Many psychologists have recommended sessions to facilitate reconciliation and to unlock and resolve childhood trauma. Marilyn provides insight on how to be aware of the ongoing communication that exists between you and your loved ones. This affords ample opportunity to address unresolved issues as well as the ability to move forward with the knowledge that love and understanding continue to grow.

Marilyn is continually grateful to be utilized for spiritual reunion and healing.